We are a team of experienced real estate industry professionals who have joined together to change the real estate business model with a three way sustainable approach to protect the environment, promote the socioeconomics’ of the communities and provide more financial benefits among our clients; investors, landowners, and buyers.



About Ehela Holdings – A Shower of Gold

We are paving to be  Sri Lanka’s most innovative real estate business that seeks to transcend the boundaries of a hallowed profession. Our Company and our ethos take root from three operating principles; Sustainable Development, Inclusive Business and Driving Shareholder Value, which pervade every aspect of the business. 

Our team was founded on dedication, dynamism and decades of expertise in Sri Lanka’s real estate business; empowering lives and livelihoods across diverse spheres. These shared values enable us to design and deliver exceptional experiences to our discerning clientele, and was recognized as the ‘Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Sri Lanka’, at the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021.

Innovation and inclusivity are central to our designs, in addition to offering unparalleled synergies between Architectural Services, Engineering, Construction, Investments and Project Management. In our bold and determined quest to transform the real estate space, we are committed to remain true to every stakeholder delivering shared value to all. 
Ehela Holdings is synonymous with the beautiful tree it derives its name from – a shower of gold (Cassia Fistula). Our Company is well-structured and robust akin to the wood of the tree, with fast growth and plentiful blossoming. A popular ornamental plant, Cassia Fistula, is widely used in herbal medicine as a disease killer (aragvadha), complimenting our commitment to upholding Sri Lankan values, whilst transcending the industry to greater highs. Ehela flowers are often hung at homes in belief that the flowers will bring happiness and good luck to households; our earnest wish for every home. 

Building Upon our Roots

Our operating principles are intrinsic to our journey and growth. They provide root to our aspirations. Alongside our commitment to the guiding principles, Ehela Holdings embraces transparency to ensure an informed and equitable operating process with all our valued business partners and customers.

Blooming Sustainably

Every Ehela project celebrates the community it serves. Every project gives priority to sourcing physical and human resources from the area it serves, to ensure better integration and opportunity for all. We strive to ensure minimum impact to the natural environment; saving every tree possible and planting new ones to enhance the environs. Sufficient consideration is provided to prevent soil erosion and waste-water management. We consider it our inherent responsibility to add value to every aspect of the lives, livelihoods and the environment in the regions we operate. Ehela is committed to growing its Triple Bottom Line as a responsible corporate citizen.

Branching out for inclusivity

The Ehela tree is majestic due its deciduous nature and even spread of branches and flowers – synonymous to our engagement with every stakeholder. Our projects serve customers and consumers from diverse demographics and we encourage a variety of suppliers supporting small and medium businesses to large corporates. We engage widely with our stakeholder groups to instill the Ehela values of doing business, embracing sustainability, accountability and offering best returns at all times. Our doors are always open to all.

Seeds of Value for Shareholders

Staying true to our mission to transform the real estate sphere in Sri Lanka, Ehela Holdings adopts a unique and innovative approach to management. Delivering unmatched value to every shareholder of Ehela is just as paramount to designing and developing decadent projects that indulge the wishes of diverse customers. Decades of experience and exemplary leadership at the forefront of industry is strengthened by our relentless commitment to Good Governance, warranting a sound investment strategy and best-in-class service and operations.