We are a team of experienced real estate industry professionals who have joined together to change the real estate business model with a three way sustainable approach to protect the environment, promote the socioeconomics’ of the communities and provide more financial benefits among our clients; investors, landowners, and buyers.



Ehela knows no boundaries. Our development projects span cityscapes, bustling suburbs and the lure of our lush countryside. Our commitment and approach to every project is indistinguishable, and the outcomes are professionally-managed projects complete with all necessary infrastructure, validated by Authorities. Transparency and accountability are paramount to the ‘Ehela Promise’, and every project conforms completely to all relevant building and environmental regulations. 

Every Apartment, Condominium, Gated Community, Home, Investment, property development or sale we proffer is covered with the ‘Ehela Promise’ of quality, convenience, comfort and trust, backed by the expertise and professionalism of our team.