We are a team of experienced real estate industry professionals who have joined together to change the real estate business model with a three way sustainable approach to protect the environment, promote the socioeconomics’ of the communities and provide more financial benefits among our clients; investors, landowners, and buyers.



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Professionals in Property Development

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    Join Hands with Ehela Holdings

    Our purpose is to break the traditional norms of real estate development and share the value added benefits with landowners. Our team is constantly analyzing market trends to identify opportunities through which we can offer you unparalleled value for your property.

    We Offer Great Value to Land Owners

    We have “4 product models” to choose from to get the best value for your land. This makes it possible to work hand in hand with stakeholders, which will be beneficial to all parties.

    When it comes to projects, we identify and handpick strategically located properties with years of experience we possess, extensive research and marketability to maintain high standards.

    Join Ehela Holdings to enjoy unparalleled value for your land.

    Additional Services We Offer

    You can also use our other value added services. Get in touch with us today for a transparent journey in real estate.

    We are specialized in providing additional services in various key strength areas of our team.

    These services are segregated into nine main areas which are further elaborated below.

    Property Development

    Our highly specialized team’s knowledge and experience come into play on locating properties within city limits and the suburbs that are ideal for development. Our attention to detail and fastidiousness means that you will buy a professionally developed land with all possible infrastructure facilities and a perfect title that has been supervised, checked and validated by a well-established and experienced professional team which consists of Architects, town planners, engineers and lawyers.


    Furthermore we assure our customers serene surroundings and good neighbourhoods with all our property development projects.


    • Beautiful Gated Communities – Land Sales
    • Design Built Homes
    • State of the Art Condominiums and Apartments
    Design and Construction

    Design and development go hand-in-hand with construction; they must compliment the unique condition applicable to every individual site. Our team of architects, engineers and builders are conscious of these truths, and our design philosophy is one that is entwined with the environment to ensure a long service life for every construction. Our design capacity is not limited to homes and condominiums; they span hotels, hospitals and offices with solutions to serve diverse requirements. ‘On Time and in Full’ – this is our promise, and we leave no leaf unturned in our endeavour to deliver complete satisfaction to our valued customers.

    Real Estate Advisory

    Comprehensive real estate services and transaction management.

    We also welcome customers looking to purchase properties and are seeking consultancy and advisory services on their considerations, where we will work to ensure the best deal as per the client’s requirements. Ehela offers a complete holistic experience and solution for all requirements, and customers can count on the company’s engagement with local authorities to obtain and verify every regulatory requirement.


    a) Acquisition Advisory
    Our superior knowledge of regulations and requirements allows us to provide you the land and property that best suits you. Having exclusive access to off-market properties helps us give you some great properties while protecting the interests and privacy of the property owners.

    b) Advisory on Sales
    We are able to get the best offer for your properties. Our genuine clientele enables us to offer you the best deals in the market.

    c)Approvals Advisory
    We can arrange All legal approvals such as UDA, Local Authority and pipe borne water and three phase electricity to our customers with zero delays.

    Investment Management

    As alluded to above, Ehela is not a conventional Real Estate business; it aims instead to transcend the industry. In addition to offering consultancy services to discerning clientele on projects, we also invite investors to join hands with us for developments.
    Ehela offers several investment models for your consideration. We invite you to join hands and employ our expertise to develop projects for live-in, or even as business ventures and entrepreneurship in real estate.


    Invest in Projects

    As an investor you can capitalize on the opportunity to utilize knowledge and experience of our team to do your own real estate project as you see fit. This is a solid option for investors who seek to maximize profits becoming entrepreneurs in real estate.


    Invest in Properties
    We give you the opportunity to directly invest on properties with Ehala Holdings and harvest better gains from your capital.
    Grow your capital reserves significantly by investing in one of the most secure real estate investment models introduced to Sri Lanka. Our team of innovators and trend setters will achieve your investment goals for you while you have complete transparency about your investments.

    Become Our Partner
    We invite you to join hands with us to execute a tailor made project specifically for your land.
    Through this model, you can expect the maximum market value and highest returns for your lands compared with the traditional means of selling your land. Our experienced team can guarantee the best value for your land within the agreed period of time.

    We offer incomparable legal services from renowned lawyers and other legal entities so that you can invest with peace of mind.

    Our legal consultant is a well-placed and experienced lawyer, and our team is known for its ethical and lawful advice. We provide services tailor-made for each case.

    Survey and Valuation

    Experienced and accurate valuation services cover all areas from land, apartment, property, and insurance.

    • Land Surveying
    • Apartment
    • Surveying
    • Property Valuation
    • Insurance Valuation